The Maori Culture in New Zealand

The Maori people brought unique Polynesian traditions to New Zealand over 700 years ago when the first settlers arrived. Since then, the customs, food and artwork of their culture have become an inspiration to others across the world. 

There are many examples of this inspirational culture being celebrated globally. For example, movies like Moana brought their way of life to the big screen, inspiring children and adults alike. The All Blacks rugby team presents a Haka before every game, and many people choose to have Maori inspired tattoos. 

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Let's take a closer look at the culture to try and get a better understanding of why it is so influential. 

Maori Tikanga - The Customs

There are two vital parts of Maori Tikanga (customs) that are the pillars for how these people live their lives. These two elements of the culture are highly crucial to the people and are what many others take the most inspiration from. 


Manaakitanga means to be hospitable and kind to all guests. It is your responsibility to take care of visitors and treat them with equal respect, no matter where they have come from or who they are. Being hospitable and generous is the Maori way.

Manaakitanga is so vital that the New Zealand government outlines it as one of its tourism strategies. 


Kaitiakitanga is the philosophy of guardianship for the natural world. The people have a deep-rooted respect for all things living and the cycle of life. They believe they have a responsibility to care for and nurture the natural resources provided to us through the earth. 

To Conclude

The Maori way is focused on respect, kindness, community, and love for living things. The people are actively involved in keeping the culture alive by utilizing traditional skills and methods, including the language. 

Nowadays, many of the elements that Maori value so much are lost in other parts of the world. It is for this reason that many are using the culture as inspiration to live a more wholesome and positive life.