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The Flora and Fauna of New Zealand

Thinking of Visiting New Zealand?

The fauna and flora of New Zealand are one of the main features of the country and have attracted millions of tourists to the country every year. There are many unique aspects to the country's natural beauty that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet and to get the most out of the experience. It is vital that tourists consider the following.

Getting to Know New Zealand's Flora and Fauna

The country is well known for its amazing landscapes which look unlike anything else on earth, and it is the flora that clings to these unique landscapes that make the country truly special. The colours of New Zealand are unique, and there are plants here that cannot be found anywhere else. For this reason, it is recommended that tourists bring a guidebook or a smartphone with them on their trips so that they can identify what they are looking at and use the flora and fauna of New Zealand as a gateway to its natural heritage.

When to See the Flora and Fauna

All visitors need to remember that New Zealand's seasons are reversed from those in the Northern Hemisphere and that anyone who wants to see the country's nature in a Spring bloom will have to go there between September and November. This also gives visitors an excellent chance to escape what may be a very hot summer or freezing winter in Europe or North America and come to a part of the world where things are completely different.